Blackboard to Box Content Migration App

Box Integrators now has an application available to migrate files from  Blackboard Xythos to Box.  The way Blackboard Xythos works, the actual filename being used by Blackboard to store the file on disk does NOT match the filename the user on Blackboard has given the file. Blackboard abstracts that filename, storing that name in a database instead and associating it with the actual name Blackboard is using to store it on the disk. Our application uses the filename the user originally gave for the file as the name for the file on Box.

For example, the Blackboard user may be using this filename and path to refer to his file:

/Decor/Furniture/Antique/Umbrella Stands/Complete Catalog.pdf

But the actual filename and path Blackboard is using to store it on disk is:


Since the filepath Blackboard is using is based on the date, there is not a one-to-one relationship between a Blackboard “folder” and any of the folder names the user has created.  In other words, Blackboard’s “/2008/” folder would almost certainly contain files from many different user folder names, with no rhyme or reason other than the date the file was created.

To solve this, our solution includes a database query that is used to make a list of all the files at or below a specified starting point (e.g. “/Decor/” in the example above), and their corresponding Blackboard location on disk.

Using our configuration file, you specify the source “folder” in Blackboard from which you want to migrate the files, and the destination folder in Box to which you want to copy the files.  The application handles creating the various subfolders in Box as needed, and copies all of the files and subfolders from the source “folder” in Blackboard to the new destination in Box.

Price:  $3,000

Includes up to 8 hours of support, and the latest version now uses the Box API directly rather than the Box FTP/FTPS service.

For more information, please contact: